Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sound Instruction Through Film

In an earlier post, I mentioned that there was going to be a showing of the film The Great Global Warming Swindle at a local nature center on October 13th. Well, I decided to go and make sure that at least one person who has abstained from Al Gore's kool-aid attends the event. The nature center is tucked away in a residential neighborhood of a Minneapolis suburb. It's quite a nice little park/squirrel haven. At any rate, the nature center staff and the gentleman facilitating the event were all quite pleasant. The total attendance ended up at around 10 people. Interestingly enough, they had about the same attendance for each of the two showings of Al G.'s hysteria flick which were shown back in April. Interestingly, they were not able to locate a copy of TGGWS on DVD or VHS. They ended up downloading a copy off of Google Video.

The film was very well done and, I think, did a good job of refuting some of the main arguments for anthropogenic global warming. However, what I found interesting is that all ten of the people in attendance were skeptical of the view that global warming is mainly anthropogenic. I guess Gore's acolytes took him at his word when he said that the debate is over. Once you buy into that bit of rhetoric, there's no point in polluting your mind with opposing views, no matter how fact-based they are. After all, science isn't about critically examining the evidence. It's about taking a stand on a issue and refusing to consider any evidence to the contrary. Kind of like, well, blind faith.

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