Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Suppressing the Truth

The following video is a clear demonstration of the type of the "irrational rationalization" by the Left-Stream Media. Howard Kurtz, on his CNN show "Reliable Sources", interviews Robin Wright of the WashPo and Barbara Starr of CNN. The topic: The media's failure to report the drop in casualties, US military and Iraqi civilian, in Iraq. Their answers must be heard to be believed.

Notice how the facts change as they answer the questions. There have been 4 months of decline in casualties. First, Ms. Wright reduces it to 2 months in her attempt to discount the progress in Iraq. Then, at the end of the clip, Babs has reduced it to 1 month. Also notice how they try to discount the casualty numbers and call them into question. It seems to me that one of the best arguments supporting their accuracy is the fact that the media is trying to bury the story. Why don't they report it straight up and include their doubts about the accuracy of the numbers? The answer is, of course, that they have an agenda and it doesn't include success in Iraq.

For further coverage, transcript excerpts and follow up, go to NewsBusters.

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