Thursday, August 02, 2007

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse #3

For more local commentary, check out Powerline, SCSU Scholars, Captain Ed and Fraters Libertas. Hot Air also has coverage of this major story.

A map of the bridge location can be found here.

A map of the detour route is here.

UPDATE: It has been reported that Highway 280, which is part of the detour route, will be turned into a temporary freeway. I confirmed this on the MnDOT website. This means that the traffic lights on Highway 280 will be turned off while the highway is designated a freeway.

Metro Transit will increase the number of buses at its North Metro park-and-ride locations to help with the inevitable increase in congestion as a result of this disaster.

KSTP is now reporting that a train car, which was crushed under the collapsed bridge, is leaking some sort of noxious gas. Officials are not sure what it is but have called in HazMat experts to assess the danger.

They are also reporting that the US Coast Guard still has divers in the river. It's surprising, given the darkness and swirling currents, that they would take such a risk. However, if they are...God bless them!