Sunday, July 22, 2007

Standing Up For Victory

The following is from a comment on my post , For Your Consideration, in which I encouraged you to check out Vets For Freedom. I thought it deserved a post of it's own:

Thanks so much for blogging on Vets For Freeedom’s efforts. They’ve done an awesome job the past few weeks. I invite you and your readers to join us at Move America Forward as we launch our national, cross-country “Fight for Victory Tour” this September 3 - 15 ending in DC where we’ll have a rally with a collection of pro-troop groups including Vets for Freedom, Gathering of Eagles, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Free Republic, Protest Warriors and others. It’s a vital time for us to be mobilized and speaking out and it’s for such a just, worthy, noble, and pertinent cause. So let’s kick some butt and stand up to those who wish to force surrender terms upon our troops!

Joe Wierzbicki

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