Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Terrorism, Pornography, SCOTUS and Captain Ed

Given the recent laurel he received from a major "men's" publication, I would have expected Captain Ed to have recused himself from addressing THIS story. To paraphrase "Old Salamander":
Damn the conflict of interest, full speed ahead!
Okay, I'm having a little fun at the good Capn's expense. He has a point relative to the GWOT. However, I don't think we should ignore domestic problems like pornography either. The Captain's theory that it is a move by Attorney General Gonzales to increase his chances of being nominated for a SCOTUS opening is problematic. It is almost certain to generate at least one lawsuit which will end up in the SCOTUS. Since Gonzales will have an obvious conflict, he will need to recuse himself. This would also be true for other cases involving the Attorney General's office that make it to the SCOTUS. That is why I have never really been concerned about the President nominating A.G. Gonzales. I don't think he would want to throw away one-of-nine votes on several key national issues.