Friday, September 16, 2005

National POW/MIA Day

Argghhh! has a tribute to those who should not be forgotten. Here's an excerpt:
To each family of a POW or a MIA, regardless of how many have been captured or are missing in a conflict, the fate of their loved one brings with it worry, anxiety and pain. Each family prays that their loved one is being treated well if captured and will be released soon to return to a grateful nation and a joyous family. For those missing, the family hopes the loved one makes his or her way back to friendly forces or has the status changed to one of more certainty, as an acknowledged POW or as an identified killed in action.

On POW/MIA Recognition Day, we remember the courage of our fellow Soldiers and servicemen and women as they endured captivity. We also remember the equal courage of their family members as they also endured their loved one’s captivity or the agonies of not knowing their fate. We remember and we hope for a conclusion to those trials.