Tuesday, July 18, 2006

$200 and a Couple of Lies

Matt Entenza, the Democrat candidate for the office of Minnesota State Attorney General, has found out it only cost $200.00 to end his political career. That was what he paid a Chicago-based opposition research firm to investigate current AG Mike Hatch. Earlier today, Entenza, who had been considered the odds-on favorite for the party nod, withdrew from the AG race. The Minneapolis Star Tribune has the story HERE.

Just for fun, let's play find the typo in the MnStrib story:
Buffeted by questions about his credibility and by controversy over his wife's multimillion-dollar stock options from a health-care company, DFL endorsee Matt Entenza dropped out of the race for state attorney general Tuesday.

The announcement, less than six hours before the deadline for filing for office, sent shock waves across the state's political landscape. And it threatened to created a multi-candidate, topsy-turvy internal DFL battle for a nomination that Entenza had locked up.

(Hint: Relax. Don't be so tense.)