Thursday, June 30, 2005

Anti-Stockholm Syndrome

Hell hath no fury like . . . a Swede's scorn? Chrenkoff updates the story of Ulf Hjertsröm, a former hostage in Iraq who decided to hire some bounty hunters to "exact revenge" on his abductors.
Hjertsröm, an oil trader whose career took him to Iraq 25 years ago, makes no bones about the decision to exact revenge on his abductors. “I’ve lived [in Iraq] for a long time. This is how things are done there. It’s nothing new to me,” he says.
To coin a phrase, "When in Iraq, do as Iraqi's do.".

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Eminent Domain Strikes Back

Faster than you can say "Be careful what you wish for...", US Supreme Court Justice David Souter is in danger of having to take the medicine he prescribed for the rest of us. In this press release, Freestar Media CEO Logan Darrow Clements announced his application to acquire Justice Souter's New Hampshire property in order to build a hotel.

"Clements, CEO of Freestar Media, LLC, points out that the City of Weare will certainly gain greater tax revenue and economic benefits with a hotel on 34 Cilley Hill Road than allowing Mr. Souter to own the land.

The proposed development, called "The Lost Liberty Hotel" will feature the "Just Desserts Café" and include a museum, open to the public, featuring a permanent exhibit on the loss of freedom in America. Instead of a Gideon's Bible each guest will receive a free copy of Ayn Rand's novel "Atlas Shrugged."

Clements indicated that the hotel must be built on this particular piece of land because it is a unique site being the home of someone largely responsible for destroying property rights for all Americans.

"This is not a prank" said Clements, "The Towne of Weare has five people on the Board of Selectmen. If three of them vote to use the power of eminent domain to take this land from Mr. Souter we can begin our hotel development."

Monday, June 27, 2005

Quagmire, My Eye

The Senior Blowhard from the great state of Massachusetts seems to be throwing out the term "quagmire" as if it was an incantation that will transport him back to a time when he was half the man he is now and had a significantly less burdened conscience. Clearly he longs for the good old days when the Left succeded in defeating America in Viet Nam by uttering the same mantra. Unfortunately for Senator Kennedy, he is now twice the man he was, a woman did drown and Dan Rather is FINALLY off the air. The real quagmire is between the Senator's ears.

If you want to know what's really going on in Iraq, Karl Zinsmeister has a first person account. Unlike Senator K., Karl has been there...twice. (Hat Tip: Iraq the Model )