Sunday, December 12, 2004

A Second Opinion On Harry Reid

The Finger has previously pointed you to the outrageous comments Sen. Harry Reid made about the Honorable Justice Thomas. Armstrong Williams has weighed in on the issue in this USA Today article.

The United States now confronts a modern edition of Jim Crow. If you are born white, you may aspire to achieve greatness as a liberal, conservative, moderate, independent or otherwise. There are no intellectual no-go zones. But if you are born black, your ambitions will be crushed unless you ape black power brokers.

There was a time when diverse thinking in the black community was not feared like a demon. Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. DuBois intellectually dueled over the most promising means to black equality under the law. In accepting intellectual diversity, blacks successfully steered major civil rights legislation. But then came the black monolith and incestuous black thinking. The hallmark of a so-called authentic black was the liberalism of yesteryear — begging for hand-outs, capitulating to claims of an inability to compete, griping over underrepresentation — like the troglodytes resisted Copernicus by clinging to Ptolemy.

He's a little hard on the troglodytes, don't you think?