Friday, December 03, 2004

Help Wanted: U.N. Secretary General

Norm Coleman, one of two rising Republican stars from Minnesota (the other is Governor Tim Pawlenty), has called for the resignation of Kofi Annan. Unfortunately, his is a lone voice in a sea of spineless internationalist sycophants. Pick one.

The Oil-For-Food scandal underscores the inability of any international organization to be anything more than a glorified debating forum. They have no power to act on a global scale (nor should they!) and they are immune from any serious investigation or prosecution. The only way the UN membership will demand Kofi's resignation is if the USA threatens to pull all funding and withdraw from the UN. If there is no down side to keeping Kofi on the UN throne, he will finish his term as Secretary General and this scandal will become yesteryear's news. But not if Claudia Rosett can help it. Go and read her archived stories if you want to understand this scandal. She's been on top of this story from the beginning.