Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

As usual, the Left-stream Media has failed to bring this story to our attention. This past Sunday morning, airport security at Tampa International Airport found a box cutter hidden in a hollowed out book in the backpack of a 21 year old man from Clearwater, Florida.
After Baines was read his rights, he said his cousin had cut away the pages to make the hollow section in the book. Later, reports state, he said he had hollowed it out himself to hide money and marijuana from his roommates.

Baines told officers he was moving to Las Vegas and forgot the cutter was in the book. Officers found books in the backpack titled "Muhammad in the Bible," "The Prophet's Prayer" and "The Noble Qur'an." He also had a copy of the Quran and the Bible.

Oh, yes. There is one more thing. The title of the hollowed out book was Fear Itself.

Thanks to Hugh Hewitt (and James Lileks who gave Hugh the "heads up" on this story) for bringing this story into the light.

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