Saturday, June 17, 2006

Another Harebrained Liberal Idea

The Christian Science Monitor reports in this slightly biased article that there is an attempt underway by Liberals to stop President Bush from stealing another election. (Shhh! Don't tell them that he can't run again. That will spoil all the fun. Besides, Carl Rove has a plan to overthrow the other two branches of government and set up a Bush Dictatorship.)

But, seriously, there are some Liberals who think they are smarter than the Founding Fathers and want to abolish the Electoral College. Unfortunately, they know that there is no way they can amend the Constitution. So, what does a Liberal do if they can't get what they want by following the rules? That's right. They cheat. So, what's the plan, you ask? The plan is to require a state's electoral votes be awarded to the candidate who receives the most votes nationally regardless of who receives the most votes in that state. For example, in 2004, Massachusetts would have been required to give all its Electoral votes to President Bush. Or in 2000, Texas would have been required to give its Electoral votes to Al Gore even though President Bush received the most votes in the state. Of course, it would have made a recount in Florida unnecessary.

Think about that for a moment. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Okay, now if you still think that's a good idea, you're either a moron or you're on the New York Times editorial board. I'm sorry. That's repetitious.

Supporters for this idea (not counting the CSM) are the New York Times:
...several newspapers have come out in favor of the plan, including The New York Times, which calls it an "ingenious solution."
(maybe they meant "disingenuous solution"?)

Former liberal Rockefeller Republican and erstwhile 1980 Presidential candidate John Anderson:
"a bipartisan advisory group including former GOP Rep. John Anderson (a presidential candidate in 1980)"
Note that CSM does not mention Anderson's Liberal political bent or that he is one of the founders of another supporter of this end run around the Constitution:
"Fair Vote, a nonpartisan organization based in Maryland"
Fair Vote may very well be a "nonpartisan organization". It's hard to say, though. Ironically, it seems their website isn't working.

If successful, Presidential elections will cease to be national elections. Candidates will put all of their efforts into the most heavily populated areas and ignore the other 80% of the country. The President will be effectively elected by New York City, Southern California and Chicago. Everyone else will just have to pound sand.