Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Consider the Source

Apparently, several evangelical leaders who signed on to the Evangelical Climate Initiative (ECI) failed in their due diligence.
...The National Center for Public Policy Research has formally requested the last three years of tax returns of the ECI's sponsor, the Evangelical Environment Network.  The National Center's Amy Ridenour says the funders of ECI and EEN seem to have less to do with Christianity than with liberal causes:

What we are finding so far is what we expected to find: the group is a far-left environmental project funded by leftists with an interest in environmental issues and no track record of promoting or supporting Christianity, evangelical or otherwise.  We are seeking, among other things, evidence that donors also fund explicitly anti-Christian activities.  This would demonstrate that their interest here is definitely not the promotion of Christianity, but the hijacking of Christianity for political purposes.
Read Jennifer Biddison's entire article here.