Friday, February 10, 2006

Maclaurin Institue Free MP3 Downloads

The Maclaurin Institute has several new MP3 files available on their website. They include lectures, debates and panel discussions on topics such as: Does Religion Benefit Society?; Quest for Truth; Philosophy of the Pro-Life Movement; Evolution and Creationism; Suffering and Evil; Science and Faith.

The lecturers and participants include: Father Richard John Neuhaus, Jed Macosko, Alan Padgett, Krister Sairsingh, Randy Moore and Robert Spitzer. Previous lecturers include Walter Kaiser; Craig Blomberg; Michael Behe; Dallas Willard; Jean Bethke Elshtain; Phillip Johnson; Dr. Alvin Plantinga; Dr. David Aikman; Ravi Zacharias; Peter Kreeft; and Vishal Mangalwadi.