Friday, December 09, 2005

You'll Put Your Eye Out, Kid

My favorite Christmas movie is, by far, the holiday classic A Christmas Story. The main character, Ralphie, is a young boy who desperately wants a Red Rider B-B Gun for Christmas. The difficulty he faces is overcoming the oft repeated grown-up objection "You'll shoot your eye out".

With that in mind, Walmart's website has Peter's Sword (see my previous post, Not a Laughing Matter) listed for sale. What makes this relevent is the following description taken from Walmart's product page:
Age Range: 8 and up

An exact replica of the original prop supplied by Weta Workshop, Peter's Sword features a blade made from durable hand-forged steel with elegant acid-etched lettering. It has a full tang for sturdy construction with a nickel-chromed steel hand guard. A leather grip with gold-plated cast metal details features a detailed brass lion head on the end of the handle, capturing the magic of Narnia. [emphasis mine - Solaman]
Maybe it's just me, but 8 years old? What Walmart lawyer let that slip by? "Merry Christmas, Billy. Here's your sturdily constructed, durable hand-forged steel sword. No, no. Not in the house. Take it outside if you want to recklessly swing it around." That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.