Wednesday, July 20, 2005

This Story Has Legs

Sociologist/hottie Salma Hayek reports her exhaustive study of domestic violence to the US Senate:
"Not long ago, I had to do some research for a part ... I talked to 13 women who were in jail for life," she said. "I was very surprised to see how crucial the background in domestic violence was for every one of them. I was completely distracted from my research, it was so moving and compelling," the actress added. "I believe that America very strongly strives to be a nation of security, safety, but how can we feel safe if such a high percentage of American families don't feel safe in their own homes?"

First, there is no way that the extremely attractive Ms. Hayek was asked to appear before the US Senate for any reason other than the fact that she is the extremely attractive Ms. Hayek.

Second, she talks to 13 women serving life sentences (read: murderers) and extrapolates that "such a high percentage of American families don't feel safe in their own homes?" How can she take a small number of societal deviants and apply their life experience to the rest of society? It's not like she's developing the MMPI. Besides, we don't feel safe in our homes because known criminals and child molesters are being released from prison so they can continue to ravage society.

Don't get me wrong. I think domestic violence is a problem society ought to deal with. I just don't think having celebrities waste the time of our public officials will help. Why can't the Senators just go buy a FHM like their constituents?